National Grief Awareness Week Grief Forest Bathing

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A snowy woodland view with details for a Grief Forest Bathing event

National Grief Awareness Week Grief Forest Bathing

10/12/2023 @ 10:00 - 12:00

Forest Bathing also known as shinrin yoku

Connecting with nature

Shinrin Yoku was term invented in 1982 by the director of the Japanese Forest Agency.  After years of study it has been found that bathing/ showering in greenery provided powerful healing health benefits.  By connecting to trees and nature we connect to our own roots within the natural world.  We connect to the cycles of nature of birth, grown, decay and death.  This cycle repeats over and over throughout the natural world: from the planets and animals of our planet to the birth, death and rebirth of stars.

Connect to the cycles of nature

In this workshop you will walk slowly through Salisbury Woodland Gardens.  You will be encouraged to connect with the trees and plants.  Slowing your mind down to connect to their spirits or essence however you wish to connect to the natural world.  Grieving doesn’t have a timetable.  It moves at its own speed as does nature.  Connecting with nature is a natural balm for the human, soul, spirit, that part that is greater than us.

National Grief Awareness Week

National Grief Awareness week encourages everyone to connect with their grief on whatever form it takes.  It is very powerful to grieve as a community.  Something we have lost in our ever increasing individualistic society.

As part of national grief awareness week this workshop encourages you to connect with your grief.  You may not be grieving the loss of a loved one for there are many types of grief.  You may be grieving the loss of your youth,  your children flying the nest, the loss of a job or the state of the world right now.

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Rowan Armstrong


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