You have identified your values and looked at the type of emotions that you may feel when a value is either supported or ignored.  Values act as a compass and allow us to note if anything is missing in life.

Lets look at an example.  A person holds these five values as their core values: Collaboration, Freedom of choice, Growth, Fun, Trust.  If you are working on a project or in a relationship and one of these values isn’t being met you may feel, bored, frustrated, detached.  There is something missing from life even if the project is going well if one of your core values is not being satisfied you will feel incomplete.

Your value affect all of your relationships, work, friends, love and how you purchase products and services.  They underpin your activities and your personal growth being able to identify which is any are not being satisfied is a guide to how you can change your life and wellbeing.  Our core values will tend to remain the same however, that doesn’t mean that they will never change.  As we experience more values may shift.  As the environment we live in changes there may be adjustments to our values.  Currently are a number of big stressing events taking place.  The covid-19 pandemic and racial struggles are event that may cause you to look at what you value.  Reflect back before the lockdown that took place in the UK on the 23rd March 2020.  If you can remember what were your core values then?  What are they now?  How did you feel about people stockpiling toilet paper, hand sanitiser?  What you think about that now?  What values do you think people were responding to when they stockpiled goods?  How did that make you feel?  Which of you values was at play when you witnessed the stockpiling?