The article covid-19 and values looked at values that you hold as a underlying system.  You may have found that narrowing down to just ten then three and finally one incredibly difficult;  it is.  We aren’t defined by just one aspect of our personalities.  But we do have a value that is at our core essence.

We exhibit a number values depending up on the question that we wish to examine.  Relationships are an important part of everyone’s lives.  There are many different types of relationships that we engage in every day:  love, friendships, sexual partners, colleagues the list goes on.  If one of your relationships is feeling flat or unsatisfied examine what your relationship values you hold.

Ask yourself: “What do I value in a love relationship?” change the type of relationship according to your needs.

What do you need from this relationship?  Look at the list of values from covid-19 and values if that helps.  What for you is non-negotiable?  Is it trust,  freedom etc?  Once you have that, dig a little deeper.  There will be more than one value that makes a great relationship for you.  Let’s work with freedom.

What is more important than freedom that you value the most?  It might be honesty.

Keep asking yourself  “What is more important than x that you value the most” and build up a list of values.  Keep going until you feel you have discovered a collection of values that define for you your values in a relationship.

It’s time now to look at this list of values and rank them in order of priority.  The top five are the values that if they are not being met will make you feel that something is missing.  You may feel unhappy, out of salts and unbalanced.

This gives you the information you need to address the issue.  There may be one or more of your five is missing. How do you seek to get those values satisfied.

This can be used for all areas of life:  your career is flat,  your love life lacking.  Seek out your values to get an understanding of yourself and make changes to move you to a happier life.  This is an great topic to talk to your coach about.