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Helps you to explore, play with ideas, resolve internal conflicts and plan a route to your hopes and dreams. Having a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings without judgement enables you to grow.

While friends and family might lend you unconditional support, there are times when you need to be challenged, or have a foil to test your ideas against. Coaching gives you that foil and the tools to explore and plan your path to the best person you can be.


Teams can be complex. Sometimes building a team that works well together is more of an art than a science. Team coaching helps to bring members closer together, establishing relationships of trust and understanding the skills that each member brings to the whole.

Working with your teams, I explore the dynamics to discover what fires them up. This ultimately helps them to become more collaborative, leveraging and nurturing the attributes of the individual members. A happy team is a productive team!

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I offer focused workshops looking at a single topic in depth over one or two days.

Have a look at my workshop page for further information.



When you’re discussing complex issues it helps to have someone outside of the business facilitating. Working with a neutral person helps the meeting to flow in a constructive manner.

Facilitation does not seek to lead the group, nor does it try to distract or to entertain. By providing a different interpretation, the facilitator focuses specifically on how a group is engaged in experiential learning. It can help a group to make a decision, solve a problem, or simply exchange ideas and information.

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Coaching is more than just the laying out of plans. As a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and tantric practitioner, I bring into coaching the body, mind and soul connection. We often hold emotions within the body. How do you respond to different emotions? Is there a tightness somewhere? A sense of warm or chill?

Working with the whole body, looking at how nutrition and exercise improve your mood and calming the mind with mindfulness is known as somatic coaching. I see you as a whole, not just parts.

Supporting your journey

Coaching in a place to suit you

I offer a range of options to meet as part of your coaching journey.

  • Face to face
  • Walking in the woods or on a beach
  • Over the phone
  • Video conferencing

Recorded lessons

You will have access to a selection of recorded yoga sessions guiding you though a range of motions to help relax and strengthen your body and mind.
Navigating Nana's passing was a tough journey, and the funeral played a crucial part. Rowan, from beginning to end, was outstanding. His empathy, compassion, and understanding were evident, conducting the service with remarkable decorum, passion, and love for our beloved Nana.Balancing professionalism with kindness, Rowan approached everything with sensitivity and efficiency, never imposing pity upon us. The service felt more like a celebration of Nana's life than a traditional funeral, turning the farewell into a cherished process rather than a moment of mourning.
If you need help, don't hesitate in reaching out to Rowan . He helped me at a time of decision making in my life and his wisdom,  kindness, clarity and coaching assisted me to happily and confidently move on. I am so thankful to Rowan and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
After spending some time thinking about support to gain confidence and clarify with a deeper focus on things I came across Rowans Web site. I was drawn in by the sensitive nature of the details and had confirmation of this through an exchange of emails. Having a trial session is such an advantage and immediately Rowan took care of me even before the sessions were started. I look forward to continuing on my journey in further sessions.
Working with Rowan has been an amazingly valuable experience. He kept me accountable on my goals every week, offered me some tools to help me clarify some things, overall I had many aha moments while having him as a coach. He is very good at reflecting back to you everything you say in a manner that helps you see yourself and your situation from a new angle. He also supported me through some challenging financial times, which I'll always treasure. Thank you, Rowan!
I joined a group on face book back in January 2020 where I met Rowan. he was offering 3 free coaching sessions to three people and I was lucky enough to be one of them.Rowan is an extremely warm guy where I felt instantly comfortable with him and has ways of unlocking parts of your subconscious which helps you figure out blocks or what you need to pursue.I thank you Rowan for giving me the opportunity to enjoy you coaching session.