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Helps you to explore, play with ideas, resolve internal conflicts and to plan a route to your hopes and dreams.  Having a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings without judgement is invaluable, enabling you to grow.

Friends and family will often lend you unconditional support.  There are times when you need to be challenged, have a foil to test your ideas against.  Coaching gives you the foil to test your ideas against and the tools to explore and plan a path to the best person you can be.


Teams are complex.  Building a team that works well together feels to be more of an art than a science.  By team coaching help to bring members closer together.  Establishing relationships of trust and understanding the skills at each member bring to the whole.

Working with your teams I explore the dynamics of the team to discover what fires them up.  Help them to become more collaborative, leveraging the attribute of the members and striving to ensure that the team is a nurturing.  A happy team is a productive team!

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Focused workshops looking at a single topic in depth over one or two days.

Have a look at our workshop page for further information about what is available and any that are currently running.



Often discussing complex issues it helps to have an person outside of the business to provide meeting facilitation.  Ensuring that the person chairing the meeting is neutral helps the meeting to flow in a constructive manner.

Facilitation serves the needs the group who are meeting with a common purpose, Helping the group to make a decision, solve a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information. Facilitation does not seek to lead the group, nor does it try to distract or to entertain. By providing different interpretation focuses more specifically on a group that is engaged in experiential learning.  In particular this is associated with active learning and concepts of tutelary authority and creating of think spaces.


Coaching is more than just laying out of plans.  We often hold emotions within the body.  Become aware of how your body feels as emotion a raises; is there a tightness somewhere?  A sense of warm or chill?

As a trauma sensitive yoga teacher, I also bring into coaching the body, mind and soul connection.  How good food and improve your mood.  This is known as Somatic Coaching.  See you as a whole, not just parts.

additional services

Coaching in a Place to suit you

I offer a range of options to meet as part of your coaching journey.

  • Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • Video Conferencing


A range of video yoga sessions guiding you though a range of motions to help relax and strengthen your body and mind


Thinking plans to work out how to get from were you are to were you wish to be.


Guided meditations to relax the mind and improve your mental agility
Rowan has helped me make sense of a confusing situation regarding my career and put my thoughts and emotions in order. I particularly liked the way that he framed some things I talked about- it helped me see them from a different perspective. He's very perceptive and many of the things that he said resonated with me. I'd definitely recommend working with him. Thanks for all your help!
Chara Vareli
Working with Rowan was a real eye opener. I liked the simplicity of the coaching sessions and I felt that Rowan was compassionate and knowledgeable in his approach.
S. Hepburn