How well do you feel what’s your mood like today?  Is your thinking crystal clear?  How is your energy level today, the past few days?  Do you regularly ask yourself these types of questions?  May be you check in with yourself in the morning may be you don’t.  Do you write down how you feel each day.  This can be a useful exercise for tracking how you are over an extended period of time.

Knowing and understanding how your moods and energy levels affect you gives you an edge.  You’ll be aware why you are reacting to events the way you are.  If your feeling flat may be a little low; do you seek solace in food,  retail therapy?  Have you tried something different?  How about a walk?  Standing under a tree? Standing bare foot on the grass or soil?  Embrace your inner child did you enjoy the feeling of dirt under your bare feet as a kid?  Why?

Of course there is the opposite feeling too.  Is your mind racing to day?  Unable to hold a single thought before the next one comes rushing in!  Again trees are your friend.  Walking slowly bring awareness to your feet.  Better still can you walk bare foot and really feel the textures of ground under your feet.

If you wish to take this further.  Have you noticed a pattern in your moods?  What phase is the moon in?  Is she full or new,  waxing or waning.  What about the weather?  A lot of people report feeling happier when it’s sunny.  How about if it’s raining?  How does this affect you.

Being aware of what affect your moods gives an insight to you.  If there is a pattern you’ll get to know days when you can make those big decisions or when to hold off.  When to be brave and courageous when to be courteous and or reticent.

Coaching is not just about reaching your goals.  It’s also about really getting to understand yourself.  Why you do what you do and what stops you doing what you want to do.  Examining your moods is another tool to improve your intimacy with yourself .

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Trees lift mood:

Barefoot walking: