Metta meditation is about building our capacity for love for ourselves and those with whom we may have difficult relationships with.  Sadly for many people find love of themselves is difficult.  If cant love yourself how can you love another?  A metta mediation is a sequence starting with yourself or a being for whom you can express your love.  The field of love is then expanded to encompass those you find it hard to express love for and finally to all being everywhere without distinction.

Metta is a concentration practice on which we focus our thoughts such as “I am enough. I am worthy of my love”.  When a distraction a raises and they always do.  The mind doesn’t like being ignored!  We bring as quickly as possible our attention back to the object of meditation.

I work with many people in my coaching practice were not being full able to love oneself or think that one is not enough is commonly expressed.  I hope you’ll enjoy the guided loving kindness meditation on this page.

Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

I hope you enjoy the guided meditation.  Please feel free to comment on my Facebook page about your experience.