The past four articles have taken you on a journey looking at nature plays an important role in shaping how you feel.  It has given you some adventures you can experience when you are out and about enabling you to connect deeper with yourself and the natural world.  Just taking a few moments to connect with the environment can be exhilarating.

what has nature ever done for me? You experienced the support nature can offer you.  From the air you breath to your mental wellbeing.  How there are a number of scientific papers that show the you need to be connected with our natural world to improve your physical and mental health.

Connecting with nature. You explored how you can connect with the natural world.  Exploring the sounds of the natural world.  By careful listing without judgement can affect how you feel.  Connecting with the sense of touch though the soles of your feet.  Again there is a growing body of evidence that shows that bare foot walking benefits not only you posture but also your wellbeing and you Bactria flora in your body.

Mood Journaling.  Recording how you feel each day give you a window into your inner and often hidden world.  Being aware of you mood and looking at external influences such as the moon,  weather, day length.  Helping you understand what is driving you.  When it is a good time to make big decisions.

As part of this collection I have a number of guided meditations which can be found in the podcast section.

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