Over the past four articles we have examined how values help to define who we are and help to give us our direction in life.  We also learnt that if we are live at odds with our values we feel stuck, discontent and not able to reach our full potential.  We examined how recent event such as covid-19 and the racial unrest can affect and change our values.

There many reasons that we do not live to all of our values and there may be times in our lives were it isn’t possible.  We should minimise these times otherwise we will damage our mental and emotional health.  One of the major blockers stopping us to really live up to our values are limiting and blocking beliefs that we hold about ourselves.  Our inner critic that say we aren’t good enough,  we always fail,  when I try it never works out the way I hope it would.

At some point in the past these beliefs did support us and helped us, but now they have fallen out of step of who we are and it’s time to let them go.  Sounds easy doesn’t it!  Well it’s not.  They are engrained in the way we operate and live and we have to find new truth that will set us free.

If you believe that you aren’t good enough, then just thinking I am good enough will not cut it!  Your subconscious will just reject the idea.  What you need is concert examples of when you were good enough.  That project you finished.  The cake you baked and received praise for.  You may have been temped to shrug off the praise.  Yep that old I’m not good enough!  So let us rephase it.  If someone offered you a gift, would just say no and give it them back?  It would be rude right?  Rejecting someone’s praise if the same type of snub.  They are offering you a gift.  Accept and enjoy it. A coach can help to identify your limiting beliefs and find ways to replace them with enabling beliefs so that you can live up to your values and have an amazing life.