Permaculture Coaching

From zone 00 - 5 and back again!

Why coaching?

There are time when you may feel lost and need to talk to someone who will really listen to you.  Friends and family are great, but sometimes you need someone who is independant and will allow you to explore your thoughts and feelings, ideas and dreams without interrupting!

How do you know if you need a coach?  Here are some thoughts:

  • You feel lost or overwhelmed
  • You have a vision but no clear plan
  • You feel disillusioned with work
  • You have so many options you don’t know where to start
  • Your relationship may need some work

Everyone is unique so there are many other reasons too! I have a background in permaculture and apply its ethics and principles as a coach.  I am nature aware and give back as part of my coaching.  While I specialise in people care, coaching offers future care as you put your dreams into action. With each session a a donation is made to the Woodland Trust helping to care for the earth.

Would you like to find out more?  Book a free exploratory session and I’ll even plant a tree just for having a chat!

Woodland Trust Logo

If you book and attend a free exploratory session a donation to The woodland Trust is made to support their The Big Climate Fightback enabling them to plant up to 5 trees.

For every paid session a donation to enable The Woodland Trust to plant up to 10 trees is made.  Helping them to plant more trees to reduce carbon, pollution and flooding.




Discuss what you wish to work on.  Setting your hopes and dreams free by speaking them out load. 




Working together we find any limiting assumptions  or beliefs that you may hold about yourself.  We then release you from there hold.




You embark on your new journey bring into existence your hopes and dreams.

Navigating Nana's passing was a tough journey, and the funeral played a crucial part. Rowan, from beginning to end, was outstanding. His empathy, compassion, and understanding were evident, conducting the service with remarkable decorum, passion, and love for our beloved Nana.Balancing professionalism with kindness, Rowan approached everything with sensitivity and efficiency, never imposing pity upon us. The service felt more like a celebration of Nana's life than a traditional funeral, turning the farewell into a cherished process rather than a moment of mourning.
If you need help, don't hesitate in reaching out to Rowan . He helped me at a time of decision making in my life and his wisdom,  kindness, clarity and coaching assisted me to happily and confidently move on. I am so thankful to Rowan and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
After spending some time thinking about support to gain confidence and clarify with a deeper focus on things I came across Rowans Web site. I was drawn in by the sensitive nature of the details and had confirmation of this through an exchange of emails. Having a trial session is such an advantage and immediately Rowan took care of me even before the sessions were started. I look forward to continuing on my journey in further sessions.
Working with Rowan has been an amazingly valuable experience. He kept me accountable on my goals every week, offered me some tools to help me clarify some things, overall I had many aha moments while having him as a coach. He is very good at reflecting back to you everything you say in a manner that helps you see yourself and your situation from a new angle. He also supported me through some challenging financial times, which I'll always treasure. Thank you, Rowan!
I joined a group on face book back in January 2020 where I met Rowan. he was offering 3 free coaching sessions to three people and I was lucky enough to be one of them.Rowan is an extremely warm guy where I felt instantly comfortable with him and has ways of unlocking parts of your subconscious which helps you figure out blocks or what you need to pursue.I thank you Rowan for giving me the opportunity to enjoy you coaching session.