What activities did you find to take part in while in your home during the lock down.  What did you enjoy.  The Zoom boom showed us that people need to reach out and communicate with each other.  A friends of mine started to chat with some of their friends that had moved couple of years ago to Australia.  They had said we much keep in touch.  How often have you said that when friends move away?  I know I have!

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all reported more people playing games and sales of gaming consoles have risen during the lock down.  Did you find your inner gamer?  A lot games also have a social aspect where teams from and is band once a quest has been completed.

Families Played together, parents taught their children and some took up crafting and reading once more.  Did you find a good book?  Did become a member of a Zoom book club?  How about crafting on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media platforms.

May be it was all of a bore to you.  Whether you found a long lost interest, new passion.  We can use these insights to discover more about what does and doesn’t motivate you.  What do you want more of?  And where can you get it?

You can chat with your friends once more in their gardens and compare notes.  If you want to take deeper and discover more about yourself you can also seek out a coach.  Perhaps that dream job you were doing before the lock down is no longer such a dream!