Breathing Meditation

Breathing is something we do not think about most of the time. Our bodies just know how to breath. However, becoming aware of how you breath and tuning into the nuances of each breath can be a revelation and a path into your inner world.

The 10 minute guided meditation below explores your breath and is the foundation to all future meditations.

Before you begin the meditation write in your journal how you feel about meditating for 10 minutes. It is ok to feel a little anxious especially if you have never tried before or have tried but found your mind was always busy. This is OK. Mindfulness is about being compassionate and curious with no judgement.

After completing the meditation or who ever long you meditated for reflex on how you know feel. Are you calmer? It’s also ok not to feel calmer! All is welcome. Like all skills the more you practice the easier it becomes. Do you remember learning to write? Having to learn all the strokes of each letter? And now it has become automatic.

Learning to meditated is the same. Just looking at your thoughts as they a raise becomes easier. Do not forget to congratulate yourself when you realise that you have been caught up in a thought and brought yourself back to your breathing.