Covid-19 as and is having wide ranging effect on the world and how we live and relate to friends, family and society as a whole.  In most countries the lockdown rules are being relaxed and a new why of living is being discovered by everyone of us.  For some this is a scary time filled with unknowns:  have the restrictions been lifted to early?  how has my job been affected? Do I still have a job?  And others will see this as an opportunity,  many have started business during the lockdown period, become more physically active with the 1 hour time slot for exercise has galvanised the need to be come fitter.  Other have taken courses, read more or played with the kids and family strengthening bonds.

As lockdowns are relaxed, no is a good time to examine how you have coped with the social isolation.  What have you discovered about yourself, family and friends?  What you would like to keep doing and what would you like to stop?

As we all create our own new normal: personally, professionally and socially what are you going to bring with you into this changed world?  And how do you ensure that this become the new world and you don’t slip back into your old ways?  So what might help you?

Here are three tools:

  1. Let other know your plans and ideas. Having a sense of accountability really help to keep you focused.  Who you decide to be accountable too is your choice.  It could be a friend, family member, colleague or a coach.
  2. Keep a journal where you record what you have done to keep your new interests alive. For example if you have taken up reading and yoga you can journal how many pages you read,  summarise the plot or characters in a novel or key ideas in something or technical.
  3. Set achievable goals and you can live up to measure. These are called smart goals:
    1. Specific: I’ll read every day
    2. Measurable : Read 5 pages a day
    3. Achievable: Having enough time to read 5 pages
    4. Realistic: 5 pages is realistic a whole book may not be
    5. Time-bound: I read in the evening

Get ready to walk you own path into the new normal

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