Wow scary times.  People are panicking and raiding the shops.  But know isn’t the time just to think about yourself and your family.  I know it is very tempting.  We have as a species been thought this many times before and the answer is community.  Coming together,  helping one another in a time of crises.  Together we are stronger, together we can protect each other and protect those who are more vulnerable.

This vulnerability isn’t just about who has the most toilet paper, tinned foods.  It’s also about be mentally able to cope with the pressure.  It’s about being resilient in a time of national and international crises.   Questions like:

  • managing your emotions,

  • staying productive at work,

  • communication and

  • social connection while Working From Home.

As a coach these topics I come across on a regular bases.  So let me help the community!
I am offering 2 hours a week of free coaching especially to  freelancers/ small businesses and the elderly.  By working together we will build a better community, a better country were we all cooperate and share our gifts.  Let’s have a chat to find out more.