This series will explore nature and how it can help you connect with your inner world.  We’ll look at inspiration we can draw from nature.  Everywhere you look the natural seeks to burst forth.  A crack in the pavement will become home to plants.  How can you use this to help you to find your solutions?

As an environmentally aware coach I bring in to sessions the world of nature.  Now lock down has been relaxed to allow people to meet, I can once more offer walk and talk sessions.  These can take place in local wooded parks or on the beach in Blackpool.

Walking is a great way to help you free up your ideas.  It removes the pressure of an interview style coaching which can develop via video conferencing and siting at a table.  The the act of walking itself engages the parasympathetic nervous system.  Buddhists have a range of walking meditations which will explore later this week.

Something you may not beware of is that for each coaching session a donation is given to the Woodland Trust to help them plant trees.  Each session plays a small role in improving our environment.  To find out more about the donations and the wonder of trees visit Balanced Life Coaching’s growing a forest page!

What’s coming up

What has nature ever done for me?

Connecting to the natural word

Mood journaling

Summary, reflection and guided meditation.