One of my core values is the love of nature and all that it does for us.  That’s why when a client books a session whether it’s a free exploration call or session I make a donation to the Woodlands trust.  The Woodlands Trust is a UK charity that cares for trees and woodlands.  They plant trees look after ancient woodlands help people and organisations plant woodlands and trees and provide memorial trees for those who have left this world and are there journeys in the afterlife.

Today I notice that this year with the help of my clients we have help to provide funds to plant over 500 trees.  That’s just amazing.  Thank you so much!

We are part of nature.  We turn to nature to find solace with that is in wilderness,  staring at the sea, listening to the gentle babbling of a stream or gaze in wonder of a sun rise, sun set or a rainbow.

For each Free exploration a donation is made to plant 5 trees;

For each paid session a donation is made to plant 10 trees.

How long before we plant 1000 trees!

In the love and light and the safe of a woodland grove thank you my lovely clients for making this possible!

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