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I am Rowan Armstrong and I live on the Fylde coast where I offer end of life and grief coaching services. I help people to explore their lives and walking alongside them on their grief journey so that they can find their path to resolving difficulties that they be experiencing.

My specialism is working with people who are grieving a loss. This often can be an especially lonely time. Grief is time when your life completely changes. Grief is often described as being lost while walking through a wilderness.

I believe you can find your new path by looking at how nature thrives. Nature doesn’t give up. Nature is adaptable, flexible and resilient.

Learning from nature you can find yourself, clear any beliefs that are blocking your path and walk in your authenticity. I will be walking by your side as you explore the song of your inner soul.

Grief is a whirlwind of emotions that blows you hither and thriver. A confusion, lonely and scary time for most people. We grieve for so many aspects of your lives yet our culture only accepts the mourning the death of a loved one.  I will be with you to explore all that you are grieving and offer a safe and brave space for your mourning.

I invite you to the adventure to explore your grief, to explore your relationships with yourself, your loved ones and nature.

A coaching conversation doesn’t have to happen at a computer or even in a café! Coaching can take place anywhere. I would like to take you away from the familiar so you can think differently, see things from a new perspective and free your mind from the regular.

Nature and the environment are at the core of how we will work. By putting nature at the centre, you can see things from a different place. You can see time differently. Your values are honoured.

By the shores of a still lake you’ll hear your inner voice sing. The roar of a waterfall will ignite your passions. You can walk in a park, through woodland, on the beach, over majestic hills. Where would you like to go and explore yourself?

We’ll work together using transformative tools, becoming somatically being aware of your body, and using permaculture principles and ethics such as earth care, people care and future care.

You will explore your edges where your growth lies and find a holistic path to reach your dreams. Better still, you’ll be making your achievements in a holistic and sustainable way, improving your life and wellbeing while being mindful of our precious planet. To reconnect with your grief and to learn from its teachings. Grief is love with nowhere to go. Walking with you we can discover a new destination for that love and while it may be painful, new you will a raise.

Some may find this a different way of coaching. Yet you know that nature calms your soul. And there is plenty of scientific research that shows a connection with nature is beneficial, reducing stress and aiding thinking.

Nature-inspired grief coaching

I believe in the trees we find wisdom. Looking towards the horizon we see our path. By treading lightly leaving only your footprints, you can successfully complete your quest.

You can read what my clients say about their experience here.


For every session I donate to the Woodland Trust (£5 per free exploratory session and £15 per paid session) to support their Big Climate Fightback, helping to capture carbon from the atmosphere and improve the environment.

Did you know that a £15 donation can plant up to 10 trees!


I am also a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), so you know you are in safe hands.

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Discuss what you wish to work on. Set your hopes and dreams free by speaking them out loud.




Working together we explore any limiting assumptions or beliefs you may hold about yourself. We then release you from their hold.




You embark on your new journey, bringing your hopes and dreams into existence.


is priceless

Feeling stuck, frustrated or aimless is a drain on your energy.

When you have direction and drive, life flows easily and even the most mundane of tasks can be a joy!

Coaching helps you to identify what’s holding you back, find your mojo and plot a new course for your life.

It helps you to engage with your plans, hopes and dreams. Those dreams you may have put on the back burner. With the help of a wellbeing coach, you can start to make those dreams a reality.

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