"If weʼre growing, weʼre always going to be out of our comfort zone"

John Maxwell


to be successful


In todays fast paced world we are often caught up with planning or thinking of the past.  Neither of these things helps our mental health.  Being fully present in the Now allows you to reduce your stress and enjoy your life more.


Being able to express your thoughts without interruption is a powerful method that allows you to access your resources.  When working together I help you to access your thoughts by acting as your thinking partner.


By getting in touch with yourself once more improves the relationships to people around you.


I can meet with you face to face at a number of locations or over a secure video conference which can be record if you require allowing you to review the session at a later date.


stay focused

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually or spiritually with out effort, and effort means work..

I help you to remain focused on the next step, helping you to achieve your dreams.  Working with you to remove any limiting beliefs or assumptions that you have, that are holding you back from your brilliance.

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Rowan Armstrong is an Embodied Intimacy coach who helps people connect with their dreams and ambitions, transforming their lives.

I started coaching teams while working in the information technology industry. Since 2003 I, have worked as a scrum master, helping teams to become successful, learning structures.  As part of this work, I have introduced meditation and mindfulness sessions into businesses helping their staff to reduce their stress and to become connected with themselves, their colleagues and loved ones. Because of this work, team members often asked me if I would work with them individually, to help them gain focus and control in their lives, helping them to successfully follow their own hopes and dreams, leading richer more fulfilling lives.

I enjoyed the connections that I built with people while working with them.  This led me to become a life coach, and with the addition of qualifications in many holistic therapies: Swedish massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.  To expand in to wellbeing coaching as well.  With skills, and my personal yoga practice which I have extended by becoming a qualified yoga teacher.  I now have the pleasure of being able, help you to engage with your hopes and dreams by offering arrange of coaching programmes and services – tailored to your individual needs, corporations and businesses making use of the wide range of skills that I have acquired.

I am active with various environmental groups and strongly believes that we can all make a positive contribution to help reduce the effects of climate change.  Very thing we do has an effect on the climate and other beings that we share this planet with.

If you book and attend a free exploratory session and I will donate £5 to The woodland Trust to support their The Big Climate Fightback.  Did you know that a £15 donation can planet up to 10 trees! Helping to capture carbon from the atmosphere and improve the environment.  Rowan will donate £15 for every paid session to The Woodland Trust.  Helping them to plant more tree to reduce carbon, pollution and flooding.

Rowan Armstrong


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is priceless

Feeling stuck, frustrated or generally lost and aimless is a drain on your energy.

When you have direction and drive, life flows, even the most mundane of tasks can be a joy!  You regain your peace of mind.

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After spending some time thinking about support to gain confidence and clarify with a deeper focus on things I came across Rowans Web site. I was drawn in by the sensitive nature of the details and had confirmation of this through an exchange of emails. Having a trial session is such an advantage and immediately Rowan took care of me even before the sessions were started. I look forward to continuing on my journey in further sessions.
Kevin F,
Working with Rowan has been an amazingly valuable experience. He kept me accountable on my goals every week, offered me some tools to help me clarify some things, overall I had many aha moments while having him as a coach. He is very good at reflecting back to you everything you say in a manner that helps you see yourself and your situation from a new angle. He also supported me through some challenging financial times, which I'll always treasure. Thank you, Rowan!
Cassie, Cassie
I joined a group on face book back in January 2020 where I met Rowan. he was offering 3 free coaching sessions to three peolle and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Rowan is an extremely warm guy where I felt instantly comfortable with him and has ways of unlocking parts of your subconscious which helps you figure out blocks or what you need to pursue. I thank you Rowan for giving me the opportunity to enjoy you coaching session. Scott N
Scott N, Scott N
Rowan has helped me make sense of a confusing situation regarding my career and put my thoughts and emotions in order. I particularly liked the way that he framed some things I talked about- it helped me see them from a different perspective. He's very perceptive and many of the things that he said resonated with me. I'd definitely recommend working with him. Thanks for all your help!
Chara Vareli,
Working with Rowan was a real eye opener. I liked the simplicity of the coaching sessions and I felt that Rowan was compassionate and knowledgeable in his approach.
S. Hepburn,


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